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Colour Selection For Your Brand

Colour selection for your brand is very important because various messages are conveyed through colour, so the colours you use for your branding can have a huge impact on your sales. The success or failure of a product is strongly affected by colour.


Eight tips to help you select the colour for your brand:

  • Start with one colour that conveys your style. If you already have a logo, use the dominant colour as your primary colour
  • Aim to use no more than four colourscolour-selection-for-your-brand-2
  • Use your colour scheme everywhere in your marketing – be consistent
  • Research the colour choices of your competitors and try to refrain from using the same colours – stand out
  • Try using a palette with bold colours if you want clients to be excited about your product
  • Pastel or neutral colours are better to use if you want to calm or nurture your clients
  • Trust your gut, if it doesn’t feel right then change the colour
  • Have fun!

Colours and some of their emotional responses

  • Red – urgency and boldness
  • Yellow – Cheerful and optimisticcolour-selection-for-your-brand-3
  • Orange – Warmth, Enthusiasm and fun
  • Blue – Trust, dependability and honesty
  • Green – Healthy, organic and good
  • Silver – Class and sophistication
  • Black – Elegance, boldness, sophistication and power
  • Pink or Purple – Youthful, feminine and fun

Always consider the emotional meaning behind a colour. Work with simple colours to help improve the memorability of your brand.Keep it simple by trying to stick to two wisely chosen colours.


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