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Illuminated Signs


illuminated-signs-2Illuminated signs are a popular method of advertising. They are commonly used for shop signs; however, you can make use of an illuminated sign to advertise a special.

Businesses and industries all over the world use illuminated signs. Many use illuminated signs to let people know that they are open 24 hours a day. If you do not yet have an illuminated sign for your business, read this article to find out why you should get one.

Benefits of Illuminated Signs

  • Illuminated signs are a very effective advertising form of advertising because it can be seen day and night
  • They are eye-catching
  • These signs are also noticeable during bad weather, such as fog or rain
  • Illuminated signs are a great way of providing light to an area that is otherwise dark
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors
  • Your message is communicated more clearly with an illuminated sign
  • The light of the sign brings your message to life
  • Illuminated signs are cost effective as you only need to make one investment
  • You can customise your sign to meet the needs of your business


There are many different types of illuminated signs to choose from. Here are just a few of them:

  • Light Boxes – Mostly used in shopping malls, airports and hospitals
  • LED Signs – Highly versatile; used in hotels and restaurants
  • Neon Signs – Can be shaped to match your logo or lettering
  • Back Lit Signs – Readable in any setting and any light


Using illuminated signs ensures that your business is advertised 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.




Colour Selection for your Brand

Colour Selection for your Brand


Colour selection for your brand is very important because various messages are conveyed through colour so the colours you use for your branding can have a huge impact on your sales. The success or failure of a product is strongly affected by colour.


Eight tips to help you select the colour for your brand:

  • Start with one colour that conveys your style. If you already have a logo, use the dominant colour as your primary colour
  • Aim to use no more than four colourscolour-selection-for-your-brand-2
  • Use your colour scheme everywhere in your marketing – be consistent
  • Research the colour choices of your competitors and try to refrain from using the same colours – stand out
  • Try using a palette with bold colours if you want clients to be excited about your product
  • Pastel or neutral colours are better to use if you want to calm or nurture your clients
  • Trust your gut, if it doesn’t feel right then change the colour
  • Have fun!

Colours and some of their emotional responses

  • Red – urgency and boldness
  • Yellow – Cheerful and optimisticcolour-selection-for-your-brand-3
  • Orange – Warmth, Enthusiasm and fun
  • Blue – Trust, dependability and honesty
  • Green – Healthy, organic and good
  • Silver – Class and sophistication
  • Black – Elegance, boldness, sophistication and power
  • Pink or Purple – Youthful, feminine and fun

Always consider the emotional meaning behind a colour. Work with simple colours to help improve the memorability of your brand.Keep it simple by trying to stick to two wisely chosen colours.


Flags are an effective way to advertise your service or products

Flags are an effective way to advertise your service or products

Flags are an effective way to advertise your service or products

Flags are an effective way to advertise your service or products. Advertising with flags is fast becoming a favourite tool for promoting products, services, and events. It doesn’t matter if you have a small business or are part of a large corporation.

5 Reasons you should be using flags to promote your business

  1. They are affordable. The initial investment of flags is lower than that of other advertising methods.display flag_icon
  2. Flags come in all different shapes and sizes, as well as colours. You can have your flags printed with a custom design if you wish.
  3. This advertising method is entirely portable. You can travel with your flags and take them to any event you are exhibiting.
  4. If you want to advertise your brand 24/7, flags are the perfect way to go. You can leave them outside your business all day, every day.
  5. Flags are perfect for drawing attention. They blow in the wind and catch the eye of any passersby, thus enhancing the visibility of your business.


Places to use your advertising flags

  • Trade Shows
  • Open Houses
  • Parades
  • Community Events
  • Grand Openings
  • Product Launches

At your next campaign or event, consider using some well-designed flags to attract attention. Flags are an investment that will pay for themselves over and over again.

Indoor and Outdoor Displays

Indoor and Outdoor Displays


When staging either an indoor or an outdoor event, you have the opportunity to get to know the people in your area and attract potential customers. Your indoor and outdoor displays need to be attractive and distinct.

There are different things to consider when you plan either an indoor or an outdoor event. Things like banners, booth set-ups or table displays will work better in one setting versus the other. You need to invest in certain items and pay attention to detail

Indoor Display Options

There are pros and cons to setting up a booth at an indoor event. There is not that much space, but your booth can attract a large number of people. When choosing banners, there areIndoor advertising more choices than an outdoor event. Motorized scrolling banners are a good choice because they attract lots of attention. Being indoors means that you have access to more electrical outlets, providing you the opportunity to add more booth lights.

Giving away promotional items that have your logo on, is a great way to get people to remember who you are and what you do. Great indoor promo items to give away include flash drives or tablet cases.

Outdoor Display Options

Being outdoors means you don’t have to worry about space, but the weather can prove to be a problem. A tent is a good idea as it creates a sheltered environment for people to stand. Vinyl banners would be the best choice of banner bOutdoor advertisingecause they are made to withstand the outside elements.

Promotional items can correlate with season or weather. When it is hot, sun visor hats, baseball caps or water spray bottles are good items to give away. In cooler weather, umbrellas or long sleeve shirts are a more suitable option.


7 Displays for Indoor and Outdoor Us

  1. Canopy Tents. Available in different sizes and styles, tents provide shelter from the sun as well as from the rain. This provides an opportunity to share details about your product or service. In indoor situations, tents provide an area that is out of the way from the crowds.
  2. Outdoor Banner Stands. These stands work well both indoors and outdoors and come in a variety of styles.indoor-vs-outdoor-display-11
  3. Literature displays are good for organizing your brochures and printed materials. They provide you with a professional, attractive and secure display for your marketing material.
  4. Expand Media Fabric Displays. These displays can be set up in no time with minimal effort. This display gives you an attractive back wall that will help get your message across to potential customers.
  5. Modular displays are a stylish and sophisticated display that attracts a lot of attention. The verindoor-vs-outdoor-displays-9satile modular display is great for companies that travel and exhibit at many different trade shows.
  6. Tabletop Displays. When space and/or budget are an issue, this display is a great option. There are various looks that you can choose from for the tabletop display.
  7. Truss displays are easy to set up, sturdy and versatile. When looking for a display that offers a variety of set-ups, this is the display to choose.

To come up with a display that can be used both indoors and outdoors, one needs to ensure that they get the right combination of the above elements and accessories.

A successful display can lead to more leads for your business and expansion in your client base.

How Important is Small Business Branding Really?

How Important is Small Business Branding Really?

Small Business Branding isn’t all that difficult, yet a lot of companies get it very wrong. This article will help guide you and give pointers on how to improve your Small Business Branding.

Your brand is what sets you apart from your competition in the minds of customers. Name recognition is vital in securing business; a buyer can’t purchase your product if he can’t remember who you are or how to find you. The best companies are those whose brands are easy to remember and instantly recognisable.

If you haven’t put much thought into building your brand yet, here are a few tips that can help you in focusing your marketing strategy:

1. Choose a name that’s relevant and meaningful. Don’t let yourself get too caught up trying to think of something cool or catchy for a brand name; focus instead on a name that’s easy to remember and gives some idea of what kind of service you offer. You don’t want a customer to pass you by because she doesn’t know that your company offers the service she needs.QPS - Small Business Branding

2. Develop a voice. Businesses have personalities, and customers will choose their interactions of activities based upon that perceived character. Be sure that the persona you’re putting out for the world is consistent with your business goals. If you want your clients to feel safe and secure, your marketing strategy may be different than if you want to develop a playful relationship with the customer. Nearly any voice can work, but it has to be unique and consistent across all forms of communication.

3. Create a strong logo and use it. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the visual impact of your logo goes a long way toward building brand recognition. If a potential buyer can recognise your brand at a glance, you are more likely to be remembered and noticed. Your logo belongs on all of your communications.

QPS - Small Business Branding

4. Respond to feedback. Pay careful attention to any feedback you receive about your brand, slogan, logo or marketing campaign. If something isn’t working, try to figure out why so that you can implement the necessary changes. If something is working well, try to analyse why so that you can make it even better.

5. Be consistent. A company logo, slogan or even voice is not a brand in itself; rather, all of the pieces work together to create your unique brand. Although you might make minor changes to your brand as you determine what works best, you should always strive to present a unified front to your customers. By keeping your message and delivery consistent, you can show that your brand is trustworthy and dependable.

QPS - Small Business Branding

At QPS Productions we strive to develop a strong identity and formulate a brand, logo design and campaign around that identity. By focusing your attention on building your brand, you can ensure that your business will stay in the minds of your current and future clientele for years to come.

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