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Express Service

Express Service



 • Full Colour A5 Flyers   from R399 / 500
 • Business Cards   from R199 / 100
 • Corporate Folders   from R29 ea (min 25)
 • Rollup Banners   from R899 ea
 • Birthday & Event Banners   from R50 ea
 • Small Stickers   from R2.50 ea
 • Digital Prints   from R140/m²
 • Vehicle Magnets (400 x 300mm)   R220 / set of 2
 • Posters    
         – A2 Full colour   R48 ea (min 2)
         – A1 Full colour   R95 ea (min 2)
         – A0 Full colour   R185 ea (min 2)
 • Laser Prints – A4 Full colour   R2,00 ea / 100
    R1,80 ea / 250
    R1,60 ea / 1000
 • Laser Prints – A3 Full colour   R4,00 ea / 100
    R3,60 ea / 250
    R3,20 ea / 1000

Offer valid while stock lasts and until end of December 2017

All Prices Excl VAT & Setup, T&C’s Apply

Large Format Digital Printing

Large Format Digital Printing



90 x 90mm

100 @
500 @
1000 @
R2,20 ea*
R1,90 ea*
R1,60 ea*

300 x 80mm

25 @
50 @
100 @
R6,50 ea*
R5,50 ea*
R4,50 ea*

120 x 50mm

100 @
500 @
R2,50 ea*
R1,50 ea*


400 x 300mm
500 x 300mm
600 x 300mm
R220 /set of 2
R240 /set of 2
R290 /set of 2

* Minimum Quantities Applicable

Offer valid while stock lasts and until end of December 2017

All Prices Excl VAT & Setup, T&C’s Apply

Can you believe its almost 2018?!

Can you believe its almost 2018?!

Can you believe its almost 2018 Can you believe it’s

almost 2018 ?!

What can QPS Sign | Design | Print help you with?
Business Cards

500 x Single Sided, Full Colour + UV R350
500 x Double Sided, Full Colour + UV R399


5000 A5 Double Sided/Single Sided ONLY R1499
10 000 A6 Double Sided/Single Sided ONLY R1499


A2, Full Colour Print (min 2) R48 ea
A1, Full Colour Print (min 2) R95 ea
A0, Full Colour Print (min 2) R185 ea

Laser Prints

A4, Full colour, S/sided R2.00 ea / 100
R1.80 ea / 250
R1.60 ea / 1000

A3, Full colour, S/sided R4.00 ea / 100
R3.60 ea / 250
R3.20 ea / 1000

Chromadek Sign

2450 x 1225mm, S/sided – No frame ONLY R1250
2450 x 1225mm, S/sided – With frame ONLY R2150
Vehicle Branding

Vehicle Magnets  
  400 x 300mm, Set of 2 R220
  500 x 300mm, Set of 2 R240
  600 x 300mm, Set of 2 R290
Rear Window Contravision
Full colour
From R799
Basic Vehicle Graphics R1200


2000 x 1200mm, Full colour R449
3000 x 1200mm, Full colour R649
5000 x 1200mm, Full colour R949

Correx Boards

100 x 1 colour, S/sided
600 x 400mm
100 x 2 colours, S/sided
600 x 400mm
100 x 1 colour, S/sided
800 x 600mm

Rollup Banners

2200 x 850mm, Full colour R899 ea
R799 ea for 2
4 x rollup banners + get 1 FREE ONLY R3899

3m Telescopic / Harp Flags

Full Colour flag, incl. carry bag (min 2) R899 ea
4 x flags + get 1 FREE ONLY R3999

Offer valid while stock lasts and until end of December 2017

All Prices Excl VAT & Setup, T&C’s Apply

Banner Special

Banner Special



1,3m x 500mm only


(Min 2)
Including Eyelets in Corners


Offer valid while stock lasts and until end November 2017

All Prices Excl VAT & Setup, T&C’s Apply

Indoor and Outdoor Displays

Indoor and Outdoor Displays


When staging either an indoor or an outdoor event, you have the opportunity to get to know the people in your area and attract potential customers. Your indoor and outdoor displays need to be attractive and distinct.

There are different things to consider when you plan either an indoor or an outdoor event. Things like banners, booth set-ups or table displays will work better in one setting versus the other. You need to invest in certain items and pay attention to detail

Indoor Display Options

There are pros and cons to setting up a booth at an indoor event. There is not that much space, but your booth can attract a large number of people. When choosing banners, there areIndoor advertising more choices than an outdoor event. Motorized scrolling banners are a good choice because they attract lots of attention. Being indoors means that you have access to more electrical outlets, providing you the opportunity to add more booth lights.

Giving away promotional items that have your logo on, is a great way to get people to remember who you are and what you do. Great indoor promo items to give away include flash drives or tablet cases.

Outdoor Display Options

Being outdoors means you don’t have to worry about space, but the weather can prove to be a problem. A tent is a good idea as it creates a sheltered environment for people to stand. Vinyl banners would be the best choice of banner bOutdoor advertisingecause they are made to withstand the outside elements.

Promotional items can correlate with season or weather. When it is hot, sun visor hats, baseball caps or water spray bottles are good items to give away. In cooler weather, umbrellas or long sleeve shirts are a more suitable option.


7 Displays for Indoor and Outdoor Us

  1. Canopy Tents. Available in different sizes and styles, tents provide shelter from the sun as well as from the rain. This provides an opportunity to share details about your product or service. In indoor situations, tents provide an area that is out of the way from the crowds.
  2. Outdoor Banner Stands. These stands work well both indoors and outdoors and come in a variety of styles.indoor-vs-outdoor-display-11
  3. Literature displays are good for organizing your brochures and printed materials. They provide you with a professional, attractive and secure display for your marketing material.
  4. Expand Media Fabric Displays. These displays can be set up in no time with minimal effort. This display gives you an attractive back wall that will help get your message across to potential customers.
  5. Modular displays are a stylish and sophisticated display that attracts a lot of attention. The verindoor-vs-outdoor-displays-9satile modular display is great for companies that travel and exhibit at many different trade shows.
  6. Tabletop Displays. When space and/or budget are an issue, this display is a great option. There are various looks that you can choose from for the tabletop display.
  7. Truss displays are easy to set up, sturdy and versatile. When looking for a display that offers a variety of set-ups, this is the display to choose.

To come up with a display that can be used both indoors and outdoors, one needs to ensure that they get the right combination of the above elements and accessories.

A successful display can lead to more leads for your business and expansion in your client base.